Airplay disappearing many times

Hello everyone,

I am using Volumio 1.55, OSX 10.10.2 and iOS 8. I have used Volumio almost since it existed but this problem never really went away. A lot of times the music stops playing on my Volumio and goes back to playing on my Macbook or iPhone. Only rebooting the Pi will bring back Airplay. Sometimes, even after rebooting, the icon comes back and when I start playing music it disappears again. It can’t really be either my iPhone or my Macbook because I’m experiencing this on both devices. Any help would be appreciated :wink:

Did apt-get upgrade and it seems to be resolved.

Actually the problem still persists. Even after a reboot it’s not appearing on the network, nor reachable by the webinterface or SSH

Did you upgrade the kernel? It took me ages to figure that out, but after that everything run smooth fro me.

sudo rpi-update

Are you connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet ?

I have created an account for the sole purpose of replying to this thread. After spending the last month trying to figure out what was going on, I have found a solution to my problem. I have an Asus AC router, and sure enough my Pi is wireless. What is the problem? IGMP snooping. That’s the problem. It is very important that AirPlay devices on a network, have IGMP snooping enabled. I went into my settings and flipped the switch from disabled to enabled- immediately everything worked.

So here is the symptoms I was having. New Pi- everything worked fine with a little lag here and there, but it would work, and then day after day I would have to reset my Pi to get it to even show up on my iPhone. Eventually it got to a point where it would show up, I would tap “volumio” on shareplay, and nothing would happen, music would just continue to play through my phone. Anyway- it works. If you are running wireless- diagnose that first and figure out what the setting might be on your router.

My source: … us-routers

Problem is back, may have been solved because my router reset when changes were made. Looking deeper into the situation- it’s a wireless network issue for sure. Router is an Asus rt-ac66u running the latest custom Merlin firmware.

Stable now, had to change the Multicast Rate from auto to something else. All is working! Stoked!