I am new to this distro, but I’ve dabbled with Voyage MPD and OpenELEC for audio playback in the past. I was attracted to Volumio because it is a dedicated audiophile playback solution that also offers an image for generic low-end PCs. Unlike Voyage MPD it offers a very nice user interface and straightforward configurations options through a GUI. Unlike OpenELEC its interface is simple and uncluttered because it caters to audio only. I still use OpenELEC for video playback though.
So far I had some positive and negative experiences. The installation, etc. was simple and straightforward. But I was a little bit disappointed that DHCP auto configuration for NICs through the GUI doesn’t work. It also appears that one of my DACs isn’t supported because Volumio requires DACs with ‘hardware mixer’ capabilites. I hope the devs can help me out with this one.

Otherwise big kudos!


thanks for your feed back !
As you should have noticed, Volumio2 isn’t finished yet. So it is true you may encounter some bugs and disfunct, but reporting them will help to correct them!
So even if it not perfect, dev are working hard to finish it and solve bugs!

Absolutely; I just wanted to provide some honest feedback. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the feedback…
We’ll implement software mixing…