After Upgrade ; no touch screen anymore, no music directories


I had a perfect volumio device with 7 inch touch screen.
This morning I was so stupid to launch the update button.

With the idea that… this is going to be dummy proof upgrade, as with any consumer device. Unfortunately this is apparently not the case. Does anyone have a “FOR DUMMIES” procedure to :

  • Reactivate my 7 inch screen
  • Mount my synology music

I am not a programmer. It really has to be a dummy proof procedure, starting from scratch.

Once the device is again working, I will never never update this again…
Because I need this device during every night to sleep (background/masking sound for my tinnitus)

Thank you very much for your help!
With kind regards,


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what update are using ?
and what hardware are you using?
your 7inch screen is a official pi version?
@gvolt maybe we need some help with the display.

don’t be scared of updates most of the things are fixable pieter :slight_smile:

best regards,

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I had a version 2 and now I have a version 3. The internal touch screen (text modus) is referring now to a browser IP . When I use my PC to connect via a browser, I see my Volumio (graphical UI), so the update was done, but if I am correct, I now have to install a kind of plugin to get my touch screen working again ? Can you guide me on how to do this ?

oke touch display plugin is not yet there.
what version of the volumio 3 did you update to if it’s the latest your on VERSION: 3.233

go to plugins >> search plugins >> system hardware >> touch plugin
go to details pick the latest 3.3.5 (beta), install and enable it.
( if you have a official version from raspberry pi have your done.)

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I am currently in the office, I will answer you when I am back home.
Many thanks in advance to help me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards,

geen probleem pieter …

glad to help if you have a other screen ask gvolt to help if needed he knows a lot of screens.

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@dvo recommended to install 3.3.5beta of the Touch Display plugin. 3.3.5beta indeed has some advantages over 3.3.1stable:

Version 3.3.1 of the Touch Display plugin has a problem applying touch rotation settings which 3.3.5beta solves.

Unlike 3.3.1 the beta version also detects download errors and cancels the installation of the plugin if such an error occurs. In this case, the plugin would not appear in the list of installed plugins, giving the impression that the installation was successful.

In order to be able to install beta versions of plugins at first you need to enable “Plugins Test Mode” on http://volumio.local/dev; maybe you have to use the IP address of your Volumio system instead of “volumio.local”.

After that in the plugin store click on the “Details” button for the Touch Display plugin and choose “Install v3.3.5(beta)” as @dvo already described.

Be aware that updating the plugin from a beta version to a newer beta version of the same plugin is not possible in the proper sense, but requires to uninstall the older version and install the newer one. Uninstalling a plugin erases the settings you may have made on the plugin’s config page.

I did not have the chance to check if it is possible to update from the beta version of a plugin to a newer stable version, but I would not expect that it works. So if you want to change to the stable branch of a plugin you would probably have to uninstall the beta version first.

IMHO this is not a deal breaker for installing a beta version, but I thought you should know that beforehand.

Dag DVO, Ik zal in het Engels schrijven.
Hi Gvolt, I will write in English

The installed version is 3.233
I have found the plugin and now the screen is working again. :slight_smile:

Next problem are the Synology directories. I know the IP, login and Paswd
Can somebody write an example of a Pad with the correct \ and /

Many thanks for your help!
Kind regards,


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I have a problem now… I have changed the screen settings from default to classic. Since that moment I have lost my browser contact and the screen of the player is white. Reboot did not solved the issue. Via CMD I can ping the device. Any advice here on how to solve this ? (I wish I never had started this upgrade…)

Maybe add your report here. Seems to be the same issue.

can we get it back to work …? from classic to a other one that works?