After updating to newest system waveshare 7" screen don't work

Right now im using v 2,692 and i’m using rpi3 b+, hifiberry digi+ and a 7" waveshare lcd screen and it works fine.
But i did update to latest version and the new design. On pc it looked fine but on the lcd screen it kinda looked like this, i forgot to take a picture. It looked like the settings in config file was gone and they were, but it didn’t change when i added the settings from waveshare, in the config file.
Any ideas?

Updating Volumio overwrites /boot/config.txt:, section “System configuration for Raspberry Pi”. I guess this is was has happened to you.

To overcome this problem /boot/userconfig.txt has been provided which remains untouched by updates. As mentioned in the docs (linked above) certain config parameters must still be placed in /boot/config.txt to be effective - they have to put back into /boot/config.txt after each Volumio update.

That did the trick. :slight_smile:
I don’t like the new look. The left side looks wrong, especially on a lcd screen.
But good they kept the old design, so its possible to change back.

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