After name change can't resolve in browser

I added a second volumio player to my network, changed the name and both devices showed up under the Volumio browser name and everything worked except the Spotify connect to the second device. I later removed the the original volumio and wanted the second device to work as a standalone. While I can access the second using the IP address I can’t access it using the new volumio name and spotify from my PC doesn’t see it as a device that I can connect to. (The Spotify app does work thru the Raspberry PI).

I suppose I could rename it back to just volumio for the time being and it would work but I’d like to be able to move it back to a multiple devices on the network at sometime and not have rename it every time.

I saw that someone else who knew more than I did updated some config files but they weren’t overly detailed for a newb.

Is there a way to retain the name and browse to it using the new name?
How do I get the spotify connect to work with the new name? I would think it is the same issue but as a newb it might not be related.
After the changes would each show up as an individual device with it’s own web page or would it still show as multiple devices from one web page?

Note: What was really cool was that I was able to use the hard drive of the first device on the second through the NAS connection!

Thanks in advance

From the Windows 10 File Explorer / Networks / Volumio Media player clicking on it goes to

but fails and resolves to with the failure page.

I deleted the Win 10 volumio media players and now Spotify connect works but it would be nice to be able to not have to look up the IP evertime I reboot the device