Affordable High End Volumio Audio

I hope this is the right forum for sharing systems. I’m in my 60s, cannot afford high end audio gear, but wanted it as I had it in my 20s. I acquired used speakers and purchased some really good electronics from China Audio. I have it all sourced with Volumio. Volumio is nothing short of incredible!

I have Volumio running on a PI4 that is USB connected to a SMSL DAC. All formats work flawless including DSD. It sounds incredible. I’m an old fan of Jazz FM in the 70s and Volumio delivers me a high quality sound and selection of radio stations globally. It’s my new “Internet Tuner”. :grinning:

I also wanted to show how I’m using PeppyMeter. When I installed PeppyMeter I thought it was cool but most screens were imitations of other manufactures or power meters that were not real.

Then I tried the single blue VU meter marked off in db and 0 to 100%. What I found out listening to numerous streams is this single meter is accurate in showing if a stream is compressed as I’ve ran across different streams using the same bandwidth, (for example 128 kbps), but the music sounded smashed as the content on any stream can be ED’d at the source or compressed before sending it out.

This meter shows that compression. If the content is badly compressed the meter will only swing ± a few db or %. If the music has not been EQ smashed the meter swigs the full range from 0 to 100% and sounds wonderful. I just find this cool and wanted to share it, and the system I surrounded Volumio around. I’m am forever a Volumio fan. Thank-you to all those who brought Volumio to life. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing!!

Looks like a beautiful system, visually and sonically. Enjoy!