Advice needed - Android tablet as player - wifi only, constantly plugged in AC, easy root,

Hi guys,
would you be so kind to help me with a advice: I’m planning to buy an android tablet to use it as a audio source and it will be wifi connected via DLNA to Volumio Primo.
So my needs are:

  • not too expensive
  • wifi only model, no SIM needed
  • stable Wifi
  • battery capacity not important as it will be permanently connected to AC wall plug
  • Samsung brand if possible
  • it doesn’t have to be latest gen. but I would like to by unused model
  • relatively easy to root (by experts, not me)

Thanks in advance!

Why would you need a tablet as a player and keep it connected to AC power?

I mean the only advantage to have a portable player is being portable.

Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper buying an RPi as player?

Hi Pablo,
thanks for reply! I don’t have problems with portability, as I’m not listening music while sitting but always moving around in apartment (with small kids) so I can always change a song/channel/playlist while passing by:)
I need a source that will send data to Primo (that I’m already using, and love it :slight_smile: ) and to have screen but do not want to root all mobile phones in family so they can stream to Primo via AirMusic
That way I’ll root only one device, and yes, maybe I’ll unplug it from AC from time to time but it is not primary idea :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I don’t get what you need. You want to play music from your Tablet and send it to your music server?

The purpose of a music server(Volumio Orimo) is to hold the music and index it.

You have different music on your Tablet that’s not on your server?

Exactly, I want to send music to Primo via DLNA!
I’m speaking about the aspect of streaming music to Primo as my music collection on hard drive is quite limited…

Regarding the source: most of my music I’m listening at the moment (and sending to Primo) is from Deezer. So no music data will actually be on a tablet :slight_smile:

BTW, I just tested AirMusic (new version of AirAudio) and it will stream youtube and deezer from Android 10+ systems via DLNA even without root! Awesome!

Best regards,

Yeah, you don’t need to do anything. Volumio supports AirPlay and chromecast natively.