Additional Bit Torrent Tracker for Downloads

I notice that you use 3 of the best public trackers out there, and I’m in a close running for 4th, and would love to extend an invite to add my tracker to your next torrent’s release. (us free service providers have to stick together!)

I’m the founder of the Black Unicorn Tracker and we’re growing steadily, and would love to be a part of volumio’s simultaneous growth as well. We are recognized by (one of the other trackers you use) and am listed on his homepage as well if you need a reference that we are a legitimate public tracker.

You can also verify my identity via keybase here:

Thanks for the consideration.

Daniel Stinebaugh

Dear Daniel, sorry for my late reply. I am really interested in adding your tracker. We can grow together… And I love such initiatives …
PS: are you in SF?

Added BlackUnicorn to Volumio’s torrent Trackers! For those of you that already have the torrents, simply download them again and add the new trackers (I just updated BBB, PI and UDOO as they have some seeders…)

I’m very close to SF, Martinez to be exact!

Also thank you for adding my tracker! I’ll be updating my seeders as well!

Hi there

I setup a seedbox in Luxembourg and i am currently seeding all the Volumio images except this one as the download link for it fails: … ip.torrent

Could anyone please look into getting that fixed, so i can also host that.
The box is limited to 50/50 but is it only hosting Volumio images and nothing else.

Hi Bjarke,
thanks a lot for hosting a seedbox for the project!
I fixed the compulab torrent, and this is the correct link: … ip.torrent

Thank you so much

No problem, glad to help out a bit :slight_smile:

I setup a new box in Denmark also on a 50/50 connection.
This way there is at least 3 permanent seeders :slight_smile:

Love to have that torrent superpowa!!!