Adding WordPress Site

Ok guys, as you suggested here I’m with my idea. I want to deploy a WP site using the own nginx server, I suppose I had to use another port to serve the site but i’ve heard that it’s possible to use the pot 80, anyway I think it would be a bit risky because I’ll put my Pi accessible from the internet.

Could you help me building my idea?


Here I am,
you can configure nginx to serve your wp site when a host is called. Let’s tell “”, take this as an example: … untu-12-04

Then, from your win pc edit the C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc

and place


Now flush your cache with (in windows, or reboot)
ipconfig /flushdns … ines-6337/

Let me know!

I’ve tried to follow the guide but it got terribly confusing for me cause I’m not used to nginx. Too much configurations files, some of them are missing.


Well, I’ve finally installed Apache. It works well but let’s see how it does running WP and Volumio. The best part is that now I am more comfortable with the configurations :wink: