adding webradio station

when following the FAQ advice
“1.) when your device is powered on and connected, use your normal computer to open the network folder which is named “volumio”. (In windows: open the explorer and type \volumio\ in the address line)”

The Volumio folder only has “Internal Storage” folder which is emply
I have RPi3 working fine connected to network and NAS for music library and I have access to the web Radio pre loaded. All is working fine
The browser I am using is IE on Win10
any help would be great
Volumio was a snap to get up and running

Sorry this refers to old version. To add webradio, just click on the hamburger menu on my-webradios and add webradio…

ok thanks
I saw that , but I was hoping to be able to make mass changes easily
I do not know enough to edit list in the boot up script