Adding too many tracks

On my HDD I have my music sorted by gerne. For example the soundtrack to Gladiator will be located at /music/soundtrack/gladiator/

From Volumio do the following:

or any other gerne
select an album or an artist and then album
from the three vertical dots Play or Add to queue
Expected: Only the album will be added to the queue
Actual: All tracks from Soundtrack will be added

I found the same bug in Genre, thought it has to do with my setting but it seems I am not the only one!
I really appreciate Volumio 2 (almost a perfect media player now) and maybe this bug is not “top of the list”. The adding to the ques works in all other selctionc (Artist, Album) nicely but in Genre it is screwed. So I believe it could be a simple fix?
Dear Developers hope you find a possibity to fix this. :slight_smile:

SOLUTION?: It appears to me that Volumio is basing the album on the combination of album name and track artist while it should be using the album name and album artist.