Adding Tidal Connect

I have Tidal Connect working on Volumio. Please note that this is very hacky, and very UNOFFICIAL!!! but also not very hard :slight_smile:

I still have to smooth things out, and add track information e.t.c. but for now i can stream music.

I guess i can not disclose here how i did this.


Any news about Tidal Connect integration?

We are working on it. We estimate to release it end Q2 this year


I love my Volumio Primo, and with Tidal Connect it could be perfect!!

Can you show me how you did it.


There is a TIDAL connect build online which is used by some developers to bring a basic TIDAL Connect functionality. It has been mentioned a couple of times here on this thread. We’ve removed any mention of it and we ask everyone here to not post anything involving that.

The reason is simple: the code is an unauthorized copy of TIDAL’s IP and it contains some private keys (of the company that leaked it).
While we would be really happy that an implementation of TIDAL Connect would be made available to anyone, we can’t accept that to happen with unauthorized IP and therefore being illegal.
On top of that, we worked for years to manage to respect the IP of companies sharing their SDK with us and we can’t risk that this trust is jeopardized by such happenings.

Hope you all will understand and cooperate.


To me, Spotify Connect sounds better on Volumio vs Spotify streamed over AirPlay. I am kinda expecting the same for TIDAL Connect.

Is there some technical backup for this or its just me?

is there any thread which I can sub to be a beta tester for this feature

+1 for me

There is good progress. We will keep you posted when a beta is available. Thanks!


Thank you, keep us up to date! I am excited to test this new feature

@volumio Thank you for the efforts, appreciate it.

One question, with TIDAL Connect, is Volumio going to be able to playback higher then CD quality bit-rate (48Khz or 96Khz, no MQA)?

I have just started using Tidal and was really happy to see the integration with Volumio, my chosen audio platform. I normally use Volumio to play my collection of dsd tracks, and that works fine. I thought I would try listening to MQA files from Tidal to assess the quality. I did notice when playing the bitrate and frequency is not reporting as expected. The playback on my new Gustard X16 dac correctly shows the MQA info, but in Volumio it only shows the basic setting before unfolding (if that’s the right term). But as others have said tidal connect does not recognise the volumio device. It would be fantastic to get that and make it so much more user friendly.

I’m not entirely sure if this is what you’re saying, but Volumio does not support MQA and there’s no expectation that Volumio will support MQA when it brings Tidal Connect compatibility. Tidal Connect is simply to allow users to use the Tidal app as a controller. Volumio is perfectly fine handling up to 24/96 if the MQA track supports that, but most are still 16/44. Fine by me. MQA is marketing.

@bkrmar Again, unless I’m missing something, Volumio currently has no problem with 24/96 if Tidal “Masters” is offering that. One thing I’ve noticed that people think their hardware is letting them down if they don’t see “24/96” all the time while playing Masters tracks, but the truth is the vast majority of Masters stuff is 16/44.

My direct observation is that with a dac that supports MQA the Tidal integration in Volumio does work. I tested it with a variety of tracks sampled at different frequencies from 44, 96, 192 and 352 and the dac reported them all correctly. Volumio did not correctly report the frequencies, but it seems to allow pass through.

Try MConnect app on your phone. Gives you Tidal Connect just like that. I guess Volumio should have UPnP/ DLNA on. Should support for MQA too. I just don’t have myseld device supporting MQA.

When can we expect a beta?

It doesn’t tho. There are people like me who just want to use one app for streaming. I chose tidal and I like the interface. I don’t want bubble upnp, bubble
Upnp server, openhome renderer, m connect, Linn kazoo etc.


Happily pay for this so watching this with interest. Thanks for taking it on.

I also tried the other method mentioned here. Tried about 20 times. Builds libraries dependencies. Can’t be arsed. No support and flaky.

Yes agreed. I have a crappy £300 usb Dac and I see 16/44 on lots of tidal masters direct from the tidal app with its MQA first unfold. The tears for fears albums are higher.