Adding Tidal Connect

Wow 2.909 works great, thanks for the update :+1:

How far are you with a fix for Tidal Connect on the Rpi0?

@Mikkel The Raspberry Pi Foundation have just released the RPi Zero 2, I’ve just ordered one which should arrive tomorrow, so I’ll give that a try. I’m not particularly technical, but it sounds like the Zero 2 has replaced the old SOC with a SIP (which combines the SOC from the Pi3 and the ram) so I’m hopeful that TC will run.

I’ll write back once I’ve given it a go.

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I still have this problem:
Volumio Virtuso (up to date)/TIDAL/RME Adi 2 dac/Android Tablet or Googlge Pix 6

TIDAL works and plays but in different intervals, it stops working and a “spinner” is shown in TIDAL. Sometimes it is possible to move to the next track. t

I have absolutely no problem to stream with M-Connect to Volumio.

What can I do?

How can I solve this problem? I have tried also V3 beta - same thing!

If I’m creating a new SD card, the problem is solved for a few hours but it is returning.

If Volumio stops, I can switch to a chromcast and tidal works without any flaw.

What can I do or where can I get help?

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Did you ever get around to trying the Pi Zero 2?

I completely forgot about it for a while! I’d got a Zero 2 without a pre-soldered header so had no way to connect one of my pi zero audio HATs so it seemed a bit pointless. It didn’t occur to me to plug my Dragonfly into the USB until the weekend. Did a fresh install of Volumio today and got it all set up and am happily listening via Tidal Connect without any fussing whatsoever. It means I’ve now got a little travel unit that I can take with me whenever I’m on the road and plug it up to my headphones or a set of speakers etc.

Great work from the team!

Perfect, thanks for the update. I’m using a RPi Zero for my son’s room, and it’s connected USB to his DAC and works perfectly for AirPlay, but if I can find a Zero 2 in stock I’ll get him the upgrade (I know it’s much faster regardless).

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Really glad to hear that you’re enjoying your music with Volumio, even portable :wink:

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If I could get my hands on another with a header pre attached (wouldn’t trust myself to solder one - and I’ve not had much success with hammer in headers), I’d be upgrading the Zero I have attached to a Just Boom digi HAT and into my DAC and Headphone amp stack. They seem to be in (very) short supply in the UK at the moment though.

I have the intermittent Tidal Connect problem too. Exact same behavior as others report: cutting out, spinner where play should be, back and forward sometimes kickstarts it unless Tidal totally unresponsive. Switching or restarting devices, same problem. Pi keeps disappearing from Tidal Connect deviceist. Restarting Pi helps for a short while. Was still on 2.x and it was getting intolerable, so I just now did a upgrade to latest 3 version. Zero improvement.

This feature is the Only reason I’ve subscribed to Volumio. It would be great to see some help here for all the folks havi g trouble.

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With Tidal Connect and Fusion DSP not working, subscription doesn’t make sense :frowning:

FusionDsp is in beta state and is FREE

Right, it is FREE, but it is very valuable to me. I use it for headphones (autoeq) and DRC.
Fusion + Tidal Connect were going to be perfect for my needs.
Now I don’t have either, so v3 is a big loss.

‘FREE’ means that I can’t make any kind of demands, I know, and of course I’m grateful for your work :hugs:
but I can still feel dissapointed by the current status of the whole system, including its free components :man_shrugging:

Yes, I’m also free to be dissappointed I don’t get my croissants for free at my local baker. I mean all his tools are paid for already and the flour and butter hardly costs anything.

We are working as hard as we can on both. Keep faith


I am there with you ! Fusion is a great DSP software and should be part of the premium tier so the developer gets his share :).

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Yeah, some stupid community members still have difficulties to understand what other community members are doing for them by creating plugins nobody has to pay one penny for.
The DSP is fully free work from an appreciated community member, for you to use for free, like all other plugins.
To emphasize: not only do you get plugins for free, the community developers do not get paid for it either.

So, stop making a fool of yourself by claiming the dev gets money from the premium tier, inform yourself before posting rubbish!

I don’t think it was his intention… Let’s calm down…

To be totally fair: the work done on FusionDSP is carried out by a great plugin developer on his free time, and this will contribute a lot on the value of Volumio.
What this plugin can do is however also made possible by the huge work done by the core team on the Volumio Advanced Audio Pipeline, which has been funded thanks to MyVolumio.

So, let’s just calm down and let’s enjoy what comes…

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I hope I don’t jinx it, but I might have found a less than obvious solution. My WiFi network is great: I spent quite a bit of time optimizing it for working from home, very little interference from neighbours, etc. It just works. Volumio & Tidal have been working great as well. Then something changed and Volumio became totally unreliable with all the symptoms in this thread. Seemed to be a Tidal app or Volumio problem, but I don’t think Tidal would let a zillion Tidal Connect customers suffer for long, so that seemed an unlikely source. Which leaves Volumio. Well, and the Pi of course.

A little digging revealed (seemingly unrelated) problems with the Pi’s 2.4 GHz WiFi, which reminded me that while updating my access point firmware the 2.4 GHz radio got switched on when I normally have it disabled as I don’t need it. So I disabled the access point’s 2.4 GHz radio again to force the Pi onto 5 GHz and… everything seems stable again! At least vastly different than the recent weeks.

So maybe the Pi under Volumio still has 2.4 GHz radio problems (the issue I read about was interference with the HDMI port, which isn’t used, but led me down this path). Not everyone will be able to turn of 2.4 GHz at their AP, so unless a system update can resolve the radio problem, a settings switch to turn off the Pi’s 2.4 GHz might be the solution. In most cases 5 GHz will be more stable, plenty strong enough, and once everything is set up, I don’t think there will be any roaming problems :wink:

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