Adding Tidal Connect

Any update on this? Thanks!

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Any updates? Did Volumio receive a reply from Tidal after their request? This would change my listening habits permanently!

I guess that Tidal would want the best service for Volumio and its hardware partners (like ProJect and MiniDSP, for instance) as well. Fingers crossed!

+1 more user who would LOVE to see this on my Minidsp SHD. Does anyone know if there is something similar in the works for Qobuz? I think that Qobuz sounds just the tiniest bit better on my system than Tidal.

But if there is only Tidal Connect soon I would probably stick with Tidal for the ease of use.

This feature has been requested by multiple of my customers that use volumio.

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@volumio it’s been a month without an update (unless I’m missing something). Can you please tell us if Tidal Connect is in motion?

Good news, the first step is done.
We’ve had a call with TIDAL technical team (very pleasant meeting, BTW) and we’ve been approved to have TIDAL Connect SDK.
We’re now in the process of implementing it, but it won’t be quick. The implementation is quite complex and there is a certification process involved, so my best estimate would be Q2 2021


Will it be free for all users or only subscribers to a plan?

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Thank you so much for keeping us in touch. Feel free to let me know if you need any beta testers :relieved:

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That’s a good news :slightly_smiling_face: thanks so much :slight_smile:
I don’t think it will happen soon(if it will) to have Linux version of TIDAL app, and Android native is :poop: for audio, so for Linux users it’s a very good news :slight_smile: and Volumio will definitely become THE center of audio systems :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Agreed, would also be happy to help

Found on github LINK REMOVED which has a working tidal_connect_application that you can use to run on your 32 bit ARM cpu (tested on a raspberry pi).
Use to see what parameters to play with (service names, device names, etc).
I needed to remove the --clientid parameter or else it would not work and I used the IfiAudio_NeoStream.dat certificate.

HiFi / MASTER quality both worked:

MASTER: Decoder got 19315216 total frames for AudioMetadata [ channels: 2 bitsPerSample: 24 sampleRate: 88200 ]
HiFI: Decoder got 18733776 total frames for AudioMetadata [ channels: 2 bitsPerSample: 16 sampleRate: 44100 ]

The dependencies for the binary are a match for packages from Ubuntu 18.04 but you can run it on newer if you copy the older libs. I tested on Debian 10 (rpi4) and copied over binaries from a 18.04 docker container.

Both Windows desktop and Android apps found the Tidal Connect sink:


I will play some more with a HiFi Berry when I get some time.

Have fun, I have no idea if the repository is something that should be public but looks like it is.

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Sorry guys, I had to remove the link as it contained TIDAL Intellectual property.
I also invite you to not suggest ways of circumventing services TOS. Let’s stay legal guys.


Hi. I would like to know this as well: will it be a subscription-based feature, like Tidal integration is now, or will it be free, like Spotify Connect is (and like it is supposed to be, really).

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This is great news…Thanks for the update :+1:

Can’t wait

I have Tidal Connect working on Volumio. Please note that this is very hacky, and very UNOFFICIAL!!! but also not very hard :slight_smile:

I still have to smooth things out, and add track information e.t.c. but for now i can stream music.

I guess i can not disclose here how i did this.


Does anyone know if there is an API where i can control playback on Tidal? I need this to get the transport controls on volumio working.

Any news about Tidal Connect integration?

We are working on it. We estimate to release it end Q2 this year


I love my Volumio Primo, and with Tidal Connect it could be perfect!!