Adding Tidal Albums to favourites from any screen

I’m using a miniDSP SHD with Volumio and I really miss a feature.
When I search for a specific album on Tidal I can add this via the three dots to my favourites.
If I search for an artist and look at the list of his/her albums and want to add one specific album to my favourites the option is not there via the menu with the three dots.
I almost always look at albums that way, let alone because it is faster than typing the whole artist and album name. Sometimes I just don’t know the album name and have to look for it in the artists album list.
It feels very clunky that after I checked the album list I have to manually search for that specific album again instead of being able to add it to my favourites directly from the artists album list.

Did I make myself understandable? Or did I miss something? I didn’t find a way to make that work like I described.

The long time with no response doesn’t bode well but I just thought I’d say I’d like to see this change as well and for exactly the same reasons.

I found this thread after Googling to try to find out if I could add albums to favourites at all using Volumio on a miniDSP SHD, so the fact it can be done following searching for an album title was news to me! It’s obviously a bit daft that this can’t also be done if the album is found via an artist search though.