Adding NAS - Can only add root folder

OK I’ve tried many different settings to mount my NAS - A DNS-323

The only way I have been able to mount it is by targeting only the root of the filesystem (and adding sec=ntlm)

So the IP address needs to be 192.168.0.x/Volume_1
and I have to leave the directory empty.

If I add anything to the directory field, it does not work.
e.g. Downloads/Music

I don’t want it to read my whole NAS drive as I have a lot of audio files (samples and loops for music production) which flood the library.

Anybody got any ideas?
I think it might be a problem specific to my NAS type…

Maybe I can edit the config file that stores the configuration?

I can see the info when I do

sudo mount

But not sure where I’d go to edit this

I think you are better going to create a script which mounts your nas, and then execute it at startup…

If you need help on that let me know, editing WebUi parameters is not worth the hassle if you have other options like the above…

let me know

OK good idea.
So I would edit the fstab file to mount the specific folders on startup.

Then would I keep the configuration in Volumio and ensure that the source name of the NAS mount in Volumio is the same as the folder (musicdir) I create within /mnt/NAS/musicdir ?


I wonder is the “_” in “Volume_1” causing a problem?
I think I saw a post earlier about spaces and underscores causing NAS mount problems?