Adding LARGE groups of files

I started asking this a while back and got some great feedback, thanks!

However there was one answer echoed a few times that I think I’m missing the point on:

Argon Media Server case and RPI4 4GB
Currently 2 USB external seagate Hard drives, one 8TB one 6TB
WIFI and LAN 5 connections

OK, Im a music junkie, since the Columbia/RCA record/tape clubs in the 70s forward I have acquired a massive collection and as soon as it was available started ‘digitizing’ everything. Records scratch, tapes stretch and cd’s don’t last as long as one would think.

I try and digitize everything as I buy it, but then wait to transfer it to the Argon until I have a few dozen records.

Right now, I have a pretty good FTP setup and seems to work pretty well, however as I mentioned when I started asking this question I was aimed at the manual, specifically at the bottom of the last page: At the time, when I tried to do that I was lead to the following:
To upload to the Samba share,

  • connect to \volumio.local, or the IP address \.*
  • You should be able to connect as the Guest user. If that fails, try connecting as the Volumio user.*

Now I have a Samba sharing setup and in fact use an android app called:Samba Player to browse the shares from my phones, tablets, etc and play the music locally (I haven’t started setting up a multi-room system YET) and while very rudimentary it does a really nice job, BUT when I try the above recommendation I end up at the traditional VOLUMIO playing interface, and while that’s a great tool for what it does, I think I’m missing the point where I should be able to transfer large groups of music to the Storage device.

Anyone with assistance or ideas is greatly appreciated, and maybe the respondents were just saying RTFM! and it passed over my head.

Additionally, anyone who has found a better app than Samba Player, I’m all about that too!

Thanks for all the help!