Adding files to a USB Stick

USB stick working fine on Volumio.

It appears as a share on my laptop… \volumio\USB - great.

However loading anything onto it is so slow it always times out. I’ve tried SFTP into it and its a bit faster but to be honest its too slow to use.

Any ideas anyone??
Am I on the right track with chmod? as it’s 775 for the USB drive. However I cannot write at all to it now… either from SFTP or windows share.


Yeah, it is pretty slow. At least for me. About 10 minutes for 1 FLAC album. But is works (from Mac OS X).

If you want to do more, use the sneaker net (i.e. move the USB stick physically).


10mins per album??

It takes 10 mins then times out!! I like the “Sneaker” net… :smiley: I dream of 10 mins per album!!! :nerd:

But would it be possible to write to it directly?