Adding BBC radio streams play but won’t stop

I noticed that BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4 play at 128kbps in the Volumio Selection so I added the BBC’s 320kbps streams to My Web Radios which play fine but the only way I can stop them is to reboot (RPi using v2.729). The displayed info also doesn’t change when one of these higher res streams is selected. Any ideas?

This is the BBC Radio stream address: … o_two.m3u8

Same problem Version 2.882

Long standing problem. I think it might be that the higher bitrate streams are HLS/DASH encoded, which Volumio doesn’t deal with completely.

If you don’t mind the drop in quality then you can always use these 128kbps streams, where ‘stop’ does work correctly.

P.S. I deal with the problem of stopping the HLS stream by selecting another webradio (or source, I suppose). Not ideal, but better than rebooting. :wink: