Adding a deamon that monitors changes in the Sources

A very big improvement would be that there was a deamon task running in the background that monitors all Sources for changes and update the UI accordingly when this occurs.

I am used to Kodi automatically update the playlist/folder view when i drop in new music, or remove some.
This would be a very nice quality of life feature.

A question with potential, but please elaborate a little, and perhaps give typical examples.


Well for example, when i drop audio files onto my shared NAS folder i have to get into Volumio’s settings - sources and manually press the update button to let the files show up in the Album list.
It would be nice if a background task monitors the source location(s) and notice the new files and update the content view.
This also includes deleting, moving and (IDv3) editing files.

When i rip a CD it goes into the sources folder on my NAS where i then edit them with MP3tag ( which also works with FLAC ) to edit the IDv3 information and add the cover to all files.
After editing i need to goto the Settings - sources menu to press Update to make it visible in my Album listing.

Some of my previous rips had the artist IDv3 information noted a different artist ( guest appearance as example ) and that triggered the song to be outside the album listing. Example:
Album: best of
Artist: Linkin Park
Songs are tagged with Artist: Linkin Park except one that was Artist: Linkin Park, Jay z.
This song would should up on its own in the Album listing.

Also i noticed that dropping a Folder.jpg file into a album folder shows up much later even if i use the Update or even ReScan button.
This looks to me like a cache issue, as my music library isn’t very big, i guess i run into this issue as the my cache is big enough to hold the full page, so a disable cache for the website toggle would be handy as well.
As i noticed just now ( a day after editing the files ) that one song is still outside the album listing, even quad tipple checked the IDv3 information.
Maybe as a quick fix add a Purge button to the Update and Rescan buttons.

PS: I only have about 30 albums listed.

I hope this makes it a bit more clear.

Yes it does, but this is not going to work. Theoretically (and no more than that) you could build something using the inotify idea, but this would only be for local devices. We would need something that works with all, local, removable and especially remote shares, we have no control over.
So, nice thought, but not realistic I’m afraid.