Add WebRadio via .pls local

I’m using Volumio 2.0.
I try to add web radios using .pls files.
I’ll make it work by hosting the .pls on my web server and pointing it from Add WebRadio.
Is there no way to host the .pls locally? I tried to do it in my shared music folder pointing it like this: \ \ My Music \ PLS \ stream.pls but it does not work.
Any ideas?

Interesting workaround for those wanting to use standard playlist types not currently supported by Volumio.

Can you clarify this? Is this a share on a NAS that you tried to add as ‘New Drive’ in the Volumio UI?

Edit: sorry, I’ve re-read this and I think I may be misunderstanding exactly what you are trying to achieve. Are you attempting to add single webradios, each as a .pls? If so, why is this easier than adding them individually by the Volumio UI?

It was an idea, but I opted for what you suggest.