add webradio to playlist


since volumio 2 it’s not possible to make a playlist with webradios. i’d like to have a playlist with all my favorite webradios and navigate through the playlist with the back and forward button. (so that it would be possible to use volumio like a normal radio OR a streaming player)

is there any workaround? please help!!

best regards


you can create a queue with radios and save this as playlist, but I miss also a function to add a web radio to a playlist


I also use this workaround to make playlists with webradios (and launch them with a REST Api command). But the possibility to navigate in a webradio playlist with prev/next would be nice for operation with remote controller or hardware buttons.


it’s currently a confusing distinction between webradio and other music sources

A number of people have suggested this for a long time. Personally it doesn’t make sense to me to have webradios in a playlist: each entry will play indefinitely. If you want to select a new station, why is a playlist easier? I guess I’m missing something here, or other peoples’ listening habits are very different from mine.

If you have a remote controller or hardware button on your system you probably have previous/next buttons. If webradios are in a playlist this allows to change the radio station easily, a bit like in a car system.
Without this feature, it’s not possible to change radios using the hardware buttons, you have to open the volumio interface.

i also think that this would be a very naeccessary feature. for now i use a python workaround that is not very elegant…

+1 as feature request.

Even nicer feature would be possibility to have Favorite radios as default playlist, and than possibility to toggle stations with next/prev buttons!


I’d also appreciate this feature as I want to control volumio via MQTT from

I use volumio for webradio only (on a raspi with an external led matrix display) and browsing through radio stations like on a regular playlist would be very nice.