Add SSL support

Hi all,
sorry, maybe already asked, but I need to add SSL support to my Volumio (Raspberry Pi 3B). I need to access through https instead of http 'cause I need the url to be parsed via https iframe.

Thanks to all

It’s not possible on local address to put HTTPS, for various reasons.
The only way I can think of is using MyVolumio, where the device is accessed remotely via https

So the only way is to pay?

To have HTTPS support unfortunately is not possible on a local network (you can self sign certificates but you can’t handle dynamic IP addresses which will inevitably change).
You can build your own cloud platform with reverse proxy if you want, or use something like ngrok.
Or, you can use myvolumio which has everything done for you.

Even a self signed certificate would be ok: I don’t need to access Volumio from external. I’ll access my Home Automation from external.
Within that I have an iframe that links the Volumio local IP (that will never change).

But external IP is https, and so has to be the Volumio local IP (otherwise iframe will not work)

Is there a way to achieve this?