Add our I2S DACs (ADAU1701, PCM5242) for RASPi

Our company “ChipDip” is a hardware manufacturer and have several I2S DACs for RASPi.

Our DACs are based on popular DSPs such as PCM5242, ADAU1701 and divided into two groups: Master DACs or Slave DACs.

We have tested our DACs with Volumio and they work fine. To work with RASPi DACs need our software launched at RASPi boot. Now it is started by means of “/etc/rc.local”.

We created files:

GenericI2SDACMaster.dtbo - overlay for I2S master DAC.
RasGPIOCtrl_v5 - RasPi GPIO control software required by our DACs. - a script that launches the RasGPIOCtrl_v5 software when loading RasPi, if our DAC is selected.

We know how to make the necessary changes to Volumio

  1. Add the lines for our DACs to the dacs.json file.

For the master

{“id”: “chipdip-master-dac”, “name”: “CHIPDIP Master DAC”, “overlay”: “GenericI2SDACMaster”, “alsanum”: “2”, “mixer”: “”, “modules”: “”, “script”: “”, “needsreboot”: “yes”},

for slave

{“id”: “chipdip-slave-dac”, “name”: “CHIPDIP Slave DAC”, “overlay”: “hifiberry-dac”, “alsanum”: “2”, “mixer”: “”, "modules “:” “,” script “:” “,” needsreboot “:” yes "},

  1. Place the files “” and “RasGPIOCtrl_v5” in the scripts folder.


  1. One question remains: how to include our “GenericI2SDACMaster.dtbo” overlay in the image?

Can anyone answer how to do this?

Hi Oleg,

Asfaik Volumio team does not support integrating dtbo files that are not included into the standard kernel.
Best way you take care it finds it’s way into the raspian distro by default.


Thank you so much. Yesterday I added an overlay to the kernel distro 5.10.