Add IR to Primo / Tinkerboard S

Hello there,

I have ordered my Primo two days ago and was wondering if anyone have got IR to work with it (or with the Tinkerboard S). If it will work I will buy a Flirc V2 in order to control my Primo. That would be great. Any guide on how to make this work?

Thanks in advance


I have seen posts regarding adding IR to RPi and Cubox (have a search & also a general Google for specifically Tinkerboard), and there is actually a Volumio plugin.

Thanks for your input. I am wondering if this will work with an USB IR receiver like a Flirc or is the plugin just for RPi / Justboom IR modules?

I suspect it (the plugin) is quite specific to JustBoom, but I would be surprised if other options haven’t been investigated. Did you try a search? You may well did better to do a Google search for “IR flirc” rather than use the Volumio search.

I did, but didnt find any solutions as of now. I ordered a FLIRC for less then 6 euros because of some loyalty-points, I will try when I have the Primo and the FLIRC delivered.

Let me know once you receive it and try it, we should be able to get it to work with some “hammering”

That would be awesome, I will keep you posted!

Hi @michelangelo, I have received it. And tried several options within the plugin and with my Harmony software so far. So far it has been just trial and error, I don’t have the knowledge to really know what I am doing.

Tried so far:

  • Learning Flirc some command with an old Marantz Receiver and set the IR plugin to Marantz: no response
  • Same thing for the remote of my Samsung The Frame TV: no response
  • Added the FLIRC XMBC device to MyHarmony and tried all the profiles in the Plugin: no response
  • Added Flirc Media Player to MyHarmony, I got response! But weird ones: Play will het me to the print screen, other buttons are opening browser and search field. I think those Windows shortcuts lead to something different in this Linux distro.\

Would I have to remap those buttons and how? I am a little bit careful with installing things, I have looked at Triggerhappy: keyboard-shortcuts-with-triggerhappy-t5250.html but I am not sure if I won’t break anything by following that guide.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, and if you have the time I am willing to set up a Teamviewer session.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. only things I need are: Play, Pause, Next and Previous. Of course it would be awesome to move up and down trough the Volumio interface, but that doesn’t even work with a normal keyboard right?

Edit: Solved! Went ahead and installed + configured triggerhappy. Setting my Logitech Harmony to Flirc Kodi and done some modifications on the Harmony buttons. Very nice to skip, play and pause songs with my all in one remote! Triggerhappy made me happy :slight_smile: