Add an Elo Serial touchscreen to Volumio X86

Hello there!

I have a question, and hope somebody can help me.

I installed Volumio X86 on an older computer. At this time i do not have any hardware details about it, but if necessary i can check it out.

I would like to connect an 12" Elo ET1229L serial touchscreen to this.

At the plugin page the only plugin it found was the Spotify plugin. So i add the touchscreen plugin found here:
After that the touchscreen option become’s available into the plugin manager.

The only thing is that it cannot found any touchscreen. So i think i need to install some driver. Does anybody know how to do this?

But after installing the plugin and reboot the PC, it messed up the Volumio installation. It crashes when it wants to loading the graphic envoirement. The only thing i can do is move the cursor and use the shutdown button of the PC.

Can anybody help? Thx!