Add a volume setting to alarms

Hi Dev Team,

I use my second volumio pi in my bedroom mostly for an alarm, but sometimes i like to listen to music as i go to sleep. The issue is that the volume is always much lower when i want to sleep than when I want it to wake me up. Is there a way to add a “Set alarm volume” option when you set up the alarm, something like how you set the playlist?

That way you could fall asleep to something on a low volume but then have it loud enough to wake the dead (or just me) in the morning…

FYI I tried doing this via a cron job but couldnt figure out how to set up cron on V3, but if someone knew how to do this that would be great :slight_smile:



Hi makearne, this feature would be great if natively added by volumio team.
Maybe when you wake up there could be the option that the volume start at zero and over 20 seconds it becomes the level you mentioned.
However great idea.
Kind regards Benjamin

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