Add a A-Z Speedbar to the Browser views

Hello Volumio Team,

in the Browser views like Albums, etc. it would be great when there is a speed selection bar on the top, so that it is possible to directly jump to the albums with the artistname begins for example with ‘K’, so you don’t have to scroll down the whole list manually.

kind regards,

There is already a pull request for this waiting to be integrated, so in the future we will have it… No ETA however

What happened? No A-Z Links up to now?

The solution that was proposed was not working properly. There is anew proposal coming up

Hi, yes my proposal is to build my own frontend anyway :wink:
Since I am missing too many features now and am inclined to consider usability of “volumio 3” of mere beta quality.

Some examples:

  • Why can I only trigger a complete search and not filter the data which is already fetched from the server anyway? Filtering data in a data-bind environment like angular would be possible in no time.
  • Back button is defunct most of the time , if I have search results in the library and switch back to it from any other position in the player, all search results are gone!
  • I cannot search for Artists, add an artist to the player, search in Albums and go back to my artists search results etc.
  • Why is date tag missing? For me it is important to sort albums by publishing date and I have this information in my mp3/flac- metadata, but volumio cannot display it!!! Why???

This will all be possible in my own frontend in no time. :wink:
I am using vue.js by the way.
If you are interested let me know.

Yes I am interested in the approach you would like to take.
Can you write me at michelangelo at volumio dot org ?

Really interesting. Any developments on this?

Yes under develoment.
There may be a repository soon.

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