Ad Hoc Networking (Car PC)

I have been researching car pcs for the past several days and the abundance/lack of information is wearing me down. I believe I have found what I am searching for with Volumio except one major hold back. Most everything I see is that people are using Volumio for home applications which requires network connectivity for control. I really don’t want to have to incorporate a mini router or networking device into the planned setup. I want to use a UDOO Quad which includes wireless. I’m assuming it should be possible to edit the wireless configuration to create an ad hoc network so I can directly connect my phone to the UDOO/Volumio through wifi since Volumio is linux based. I know enough about linux to test it myself, it’s fairly simple. I just don’t have the hardware available. I’m not about to drop the money for a UDOO if I don’t even know it can do what I need it to.


Does Volumio on the UDOO Quad support ad hoc wireless for direct connectivity to phone through wifi?

If that is possible, would I be able to upload new music through the wifi to a sata hdd connected to the UDOO as well?

Also, I assume that I would be able to shuffle my entire music collection with MPoD?


I’d like to do this with my Cubox as well, for an RV system. Again, no need for a router if Volumio/Cubox can ad-hoc net with an IOS device.

I’ll be very interested to see what you come up with.

In theory, if ad hoc networking is possible the client device wouldn’t matter as long as it had a supported Volumio client. It would be just like connecting to any other wifi connection. Most linux distributions/drivers allow ad hoc. I’m just not sure how stripped down this distro is, plus if the driver for the requested hardware supports ad hoc.

This may be of help:

I am also looking for a car solution with Ad Hoc networking, so would appreciate to hear about your experience!

I think I’m going to install Volumio on a flash drive tonight to boot from on my pc with a wireless dongle installed. Hopefully I can test ad hoc this way. That’s the only possible issue I can see.

I’m using an iphone and from what I was briefly reading last night is that it’s possible to connect to the ad hoc network to control Volumio through wifi and still be able to use my wireless data plan for gps/spotify/etc.

I’m just hoping anyone who has Volumio installed on any device with wireless would attempt to create an ad hoc network right quick. Configuration is actually pretty simple.