Activate MyVolumio On Devices

I am stuck and could use some help!

I have installed Volumio 2.668 on a new Raspberry Pi 3B+. I had earlier installed Raspian on the Pi and it seemed to be working fine. After installing Volumio I renamed the Raspberry Pi as rbpi3 and it connected wireless to my network. I can access the unit thru the web browser on my PC by going to rbpi3.local. I can paly music that is on the device, access web radio, and access a UPnP server on my network. So far so good. But I have one thing that seems odd and one clear problem.

The odd thing is that I would expect to be able to login to the Raspberry Pi directly when I have a keyboard/mouse/monitor connected. I understand that it operates “headless” when you’re using it as a music server, and my use described above was headless usage. But I would think you could log into the device directly? When I go to the screen for the Raspberry Pi I see a login for “rbpi3 login:” I don’t have a user ID or password for the Volumio installation. My Volumio credentials from the website login don’t work. Am I supposed the be able to get into the Raspberry Pi? Is there a default username and password?

The outright problem is that I signed up for MyVolumio with the Virtuoso plan. When I log in to MyVolumio I do not see my Raspberry Pi listed under “Activate MyVolumio On Devices”. I can’t figure out how to see it or how to get to the advanced features offered by MyVolumio.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Am I supposed to be able to login to a Raspberry Pi that is running Volumio? How d I get my Pi to activate under MyVolumio?


  • Gary