Accessing Volumio on Pi3 from another wifi hotspot via ethernet cable

Hello music lovers

I’ve just discovered Volumio, installed it on my boat on a Pi3B+, using its internal hotspot only, a good quality DAC hat and small 24v amplifier with passive outdoor speakers. It rocks. I love it.

Now I have a network issue. My boat has a Pi4 for navigation, internet, web, email, AIS, GPS, NMEA etc. My marina has pretty good wifi, so I connect the Pi4 via cable through a wifi router, a GL.iNet using its hotspot mode. So my Pi4 plugs into it via ethernet and I have internet access on the Pi4.

So I ran a network cable from the network port on the Pi3 Volumio to the GL.iNet router. I would like to never have to use the Volumio hotspot, but ALWAYS use my GL.iNet hotspot whenever I come to the boat.

So my question is, keeping the GL.inet in the hotspot mode so that I’m connected to the marina wifi, can I connect to my Volumio and control it through the GL.iNet router and ethernet cable? And if so, how?

Why can’t you just connect your Volumio RPi to your router (either wired or wifi)?

As long as your phone or computer is on the same wifi or router as your Rasberry Pi with Volumio, you can access Volumio via Http://volumio.local or the volumio app (android at least). Network cable is fine.

The Volumio Hotspot is only for first time setup in case you don’t have a lan cable. So lan cable is good. In settings under connection you can also configure a wifi.

You can also control Volumio via Spotify etc on the wifi.

You can also put music on a USB thumb drive, plug it into your RP3b+, if you going sailing, Volumio will index it.

That’s basically what I was asking, will that work. I will try it out today. Thank you.