Accessing Purepath for piano dac 2.1

I am posting this to help others hopefully avoid the frustration of getting the PP software needed to configure their dac. I had sent a few requests for the software and got no reply. I later discovered a forum on the TI website and posted a request there. The forum is a bit tricky to navigate but there is a section for “dsp” processors and that Is where I posted. I got a reply fairly quickly and was instructed how to get the software. It seems the issue is with the request form itself. They said they never got any of the requests I submitted. If you dont get a reply dont bother to continue with the submission form, just post a request on the forum and they will sort you out. Hope this helps


Thanks for posting this OB1. Is the software for PC only I wonder?
Please let us know how you get on.

Thx you Obi1 for y7our explanation.

Ping me if you need help.

I’ve been waiting for this a long time, filled in the form several times. Can you be more precise where you put the question? My interest in the 2.1 dac was because of the possibility to make your own filters.

Update: found it!

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