Access to '' fails repeatedly

Hello All

I am building a media player based on the new version of Volumio, a RaspberryPi 3 and the ATX Raspi PCs. When I type the required text to gain access to the githubusercontent it acknowledges connection then displays the following lines of text:
Gnu TLS: A TLS fatal alert has been received.
Gnu TLS: received alert: Close notify
Unable to establish SSL connection.

It does this repeatedly
Does anyone have any ides why the connection cannot be maintained.

Incidentally I did not have the same problem when building a similar set-up with the first version of Volumio and a RaspberryPi 2

Any assistance would be gratefully received thank you

Could you please explain yourself better?

I think that your problem is due to SSL misfunction, 99% of the time is due to date not being set.
Please do:

sudo date -s “17 SEPT 2006 18:00:00”

and retry

Hello Michelangelo

Thanks for the prompt response.

I am trying to access the GitHub typing in a path which will install code to enable a Low Power Labs ATX power button to function. On every attempt it displays the 3 lines of text quoted in my first post.

Moving on… I have typed in the text you suggested both with and without the quotation marks and also changing 2006 to 2016 all to no avail. It displays Try ‘date --help’

By the way I think you new Volumio is fantastic. The first was good but you have managed to address so many little niggles

Sorry the command was wrong, please type

sudo date --set 20160918

Could you paste what you’re typing?

Resolved thank you.

I read on a RPi forum that this issue could be a known conflict between my ISP server, Virgin Media, and the GitHub server. I took it to work, not Virgin, and connected to GitHub no problem.

I have another issue which I will explain in a new post

Many thanks

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