Access roon share on ROCK

Hi. i use volumio partly for ripping cds. I would like to mount a roon rock share that can otherwise be accessed in windows via \192.168.1.xx\Data\Storage\localStorage\music

this way i can rip directly to my room library.

please could someone aid me in typing in the required path in volumio to add the share. also what type of share would it be.

According to this article the share is a samba share on your device. Presumably your device is at IP address ‘192.168.1.xx’, so in Volumio simply add it as a network drive Settings>Sources>Add New Drive.

Alias: whatever you want to call the share.
NAS IP Address: 192.168.1.xx
Path: /Data/Storage/localStorage/music

Click on ‘Advanced Options’, and add your username and password for the share (‘cifs’ should be selected by default).

Two notes:

(1) you may need to add one of ‘vers=1.0’, ‘vers=2.0’, or ‘vers=3.0’ to ‘Options’ (without the single quotes) depending on how Samba has been set up on your device.

(2) I’ve never tried the cd ripping facility of Volumio, so not entirely show how it will interact with this network drive. If it works as expected then please report back to let future readers know :wink: