Access problem with multiple SSID

Hello people !

I just installed Volumio to try it and it seems that i have a problem with my router.

Actually, my router (an Livebox from Orange) diffuse 2 SSID. One on 2.4Ghz and the other on 5Ghz. But both are in the same network (
Volumio is installed on a RPI Zero W and connected on the 2.4Ghz SSID

If my computer is on the 2.4Ghz network, no problems, it works fine !
But if it is on the 5Ghz network, it impossible to access volumio …

Do you have an idea ?
I think the problem is from Volumio, i have an other RPI (V2) with Max2play, and i can access it from the two SSID

Thanks for your answer !


Someone has the same problem ?

I make some news tests

A Raspberry PI 0 W with a Hifiberry MiniAmp

  • Fiisrt with a SD with the latest version of volumio, same problem (volumio on 2.4Ghz and computer on 5ghz can’t communicate)
  • After, a SD with latest Max2play version, work perfectly

So the problem is from Volumio, but i don’t understand why …

If someone has an idea, or better, a solution !

Thanks !

You have made a mistake with your test. The RPi0 W doesn’t use the 5GHz band … see here, for example


what computer do you mean?

Yes, i know that the RPI0 didn’t use the 5Ghz :slight_smile:

My wireless router broadcast 2 SSID, one on the 5Ghz, one on the 2.4Ghz, but regardless of the SSID, it already the same network (

My problem is :

  • If RPI (with volumio) connected to the 2.4Ghz and my computer connected to 5Ghz, i can’t access the RPI from the computer (access via HTTP or for streaming)
  • If RPI (with volumio) connected to 2.4Ghz and my computer too, i don’t have any problem, i can browse volumio, stream music to it etc …

But if i use a Max2Play distribution (for example), regarless the SSID which is connected the computer, i can already access the RPI

Hope my explanations are clear :slight_smile:

Thanks !