Access from Samsung Galaxy S3 does not work

I have got my Raspberry Pi working with Volumio and I am delighted to be using it like this, I cannot however access the web front end from a Galaxy S3. Is this is a known feature and is there a simples workaround please?



If I put in volumio.local, then I too fail to get the WebUI coming up on a Motorola RAZR; if I use the IP address, then it just works; mind you, I have forced it to use a static address for just such an event, but you could try that,

Chris M

Yes, with android devices you should use the PI’s ip…
To discover it, there’s an handy app called Fing, which lists all the devices connected to a network, with name and ip…

Let me know!

Just out of curiosity, Brushhead, do we know why this is? Seems strange to me.

This is because Android doesnt have Bonjour I think :slight_smile: