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Tell us who you are, why you love music and well… why Volumio!

Hi, Marcello from the US.

My name is Marcello, live in the US and parents most of my extended family were born in Telese, Italy. I have a very good stereo system and use the Metrum acoustics ambre streamer with Volumio sd card feeding a Metrum acoustics Onyx DAC via I2S. Sound quality is excellent and I’m very much enjoying Volumio. I’m still learning the software as I’ve only had it a few weeks and purchased the upgrade plan to use Tidal and Qobuz. I’m sure I will have some questions/suggestions later but so far sound quality is superb and no issues with software via direct ethernet connection to the ambre. I believe the ambre is using a modifed pi board that has been modified with very good clocks and power supply but not sure.
Great work Michaelangelo and team!

Hi, hello from Helsinki/Finland. I am a great happy user of internet radio streaming. I have been running Pimoroni pirateradio since it was announced. I have lots of streams in my list of streaming stations. Hard to keep track on which station is playing. So why Volumio ? Yes I intend to change my setup PiZero with PirateAudio running on volumio. So I signed up and hope to get a better user interface. I am 75 yrs worked in electronics all my life. However installing newsoftware can sometimes be tricky for me.
Calleb / Helsinki

Hello, my name is Eduardo. I live in the USA in New Jersey 10 minutes from Philadelphia. I enjoy high quality audio and finding new and interesting methods to control and interact with my music sources.

I have just now set up a Raspberry Pi 4 to act as a library and streaming center. Hopefully it goes well.

I hope to meet and chat with music fans from all over the world. Unfortunately, my French is not as good as it once was and my Spanish is very spastic. Maybe I can practice them here?:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I am Tim
I have always loved music from childhood (4yo) through out my entire life. The better the quality that my ear can hear, the more I can enjoy the sound. I have a Chromebox by Acer. I recently signed up for Amazon Music HD unlimited when I saw that it is free to try for 3 months, the playback resolution is much better than the music streaming apps that I have used in the past. However, I do realize that I may not be receiving that level of bandwidth on each devise if that devise doesn’t utilize all of the data sent in the streaming signal. I am very green when it comes to my understanding of a good bit of the audio technical terms, but as I read more and more on aspects of the current landscape of audio, I do understand more each day it seems. I have been looking around on the Volumio web-browser app that I loaded and signed up on. I am not sure as of now if I am getting any benefit of sound improvement since the Chrome App I loaded in the Chrome Store doesn’t appear to function or maybe I don’t understand how to set it up. None of the downloads on this browser app seem to be designed to load on a Chrome OS. I there is a way for me to use Volumio, given my circumstance, hopefully someone in the know will enlighten me. Thanks for the possibility, hopefully