AB class amplifier with integrated DAC and I2S bus

I’m looking for an AB class amplifier with integrated DAC and I2S bus. Something similar to this Amp+ hifiberry.com/ampplus/, but with better features: at least 96 kHz and 100 SNR for the DAC, 4 output channel of 25 W for the amplifier.
Do you have any suggestions?

How will you manage the volume setting : trough the DAC or in the analogic part of the amp ?
Other selectable input (analogic) so that using the system to listening music from the DAC or from a other external input.

I will manage the volume directly from raspberry pi software volumio or eventually, depending on the amplifier, by acting on a potentiometer. Moreover, I’m not interested about playing directly an analog source. In this case I will use the aux input via digital path.
I made some searches on the web and I found the following amplifier
IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ iqaudio.co.uk/home/9-pi-digi … 99650.html
Full-HD 192kHz / 24bit class D amplifier with 2x20w
It is much more better than Amp+ hifiberry.com/ampplus/, but it lacks of the possibility to have 4 output channels.
I found this integrated circuit TDA7801 st.com/web/en/catalog/sense_ … 1/PF217700 that is a class AB amplifier with integrated DAC up to 192 kHz and SNR of 110 dB and 4 output channels of 28 W.
Unfortunately, I have not sufficient knowledge in order to design the board. Do you have any suggestions? Do you know a board with this amplifier?
Thank you

“It is much more better than Amp+”

In what respect? The only advantage I can see is that it plays HD audio files.

Do you consider this a neglectable detail?
Moreover, the chip mounted in IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ ti.com/product/tas5756m has internal DSP that can be programmed for simple functions.

It’s not clear that the RPI is capable of 4 channel output over the I2C bus? I thought it was limited to only 2ch over I2C. To get 4ch, I think you’re looking at a USB or HDMI-based DAC.

Specifically, for your scenario, it’s fairly cost effective to use an older, used HDMI receiver. Up to 8ch, including good DAC and decent amp, all over HDMI, and plenty are available for less than $100