A simple complicated question about volumio and wi fi streaming

Hi everyone.
I think this argument may be interesting for any KEF or SONOS owner, or anyone has a wifi speaker.

I would like to do something really simple but I find no simple solution around.
I have a HD with some music. I have Volumio on raspberry 3. I have a wi fi modem. I have kef lsx that can be used to stream music using wifi.

I’m just looking for a configuration where it is possible on the smartphone to select music from the Hd connected to raspberry and send to lsx using the modem .

can anyone explain to me how to do it ? If I open volumio I don’t find the speakers
Thanks a lot !

I think I’d go for a DAC hat with digital output on the Pi. Something like this https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-digi2-pro/

That does not offer a solution for this situation. There is no WiFi streaming on the DAC.

You can search the forum for BT speakers. There is a posting, but i am pretty sure it will break down OTA.
I think your better off using a BT transmitter to do the job.

Hi Thanks, everyone. Bluetooth offers bad quality, chromecast is not gapless and DAC is not a solution because it is not wireless.

Im a little bit lost in such a simple request, no answer anywhere

Not all of us have the budget for your lovely speakers :wink:
It might not be elegant, but is it possible to connect a Pi plus digi dac hat to the back of the speaker using a toslink cable. Then you have wifi to the Pi and direct play from pi to the speaker? Sorry if that’s totally wrong, but I don’t have such a set-up.

I think, I will setup a BubbleUPNP server on a PC somewhere in your house and control it with Linn Kazoo app, if I were in your situation.

This combi does, what you want :wink:

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Hi Simone ,
It is not a message for everyone, it is for the people that uses wireless speakers. I wouldn’t put the topic under a “budget” perspective, it is meant to be universal for anyone may need this solution in the future. Even for Ikea wireless speaker , that are super cheap and very very good !

Hi @Daniele_D_Alia, KEF and Sonos support DLNA as a renderer (player) endpoint. It should be able to play a stream wirelessly from a DLNA server. @BebeMischa suggested using a PC as a DLNA server. There is also a Volumio plug-in called MiniDLNA (under Music Services plugins) that allows Volumio to run as a DLNA server. If you have a hard drive connected to Volumio, the DLNA speakers should be able to play files from the hard drive.

Volumio itself doesn’t have a built-in player that casts to a DLNA renderer. To play music, you need to run a separate app (such as KEF app, Sonos app, BubbleUPnP, or VLC) that controls playing the music and selects the server and renderer to connect together. For example, running BubbleUPnP, it should allow you to select KEF speaker as a renderer and VolumioDLNA as a server, and from the app you can browse the music files and play them.