A folder route

Hi there
I am very new to this.
I recently received an RPI4 and am waiting for the Alo Boss DAC to buy it and complete my DSP to connect to my old Arcam amplifier and Epos speakers.
I am getting familiar with the Volumio service, and have connected it to my Synology NAS.
So far so good, and I’m currently connecting Sony MV1000 headphones to the RPI and it sounds reasonably good. I am looking forward to receiving the DAC.

My suggestion is that when browsing the NAS directories, I miss the path I am on.
My Library is pretty organized with folders for the different Frequencies and bits, and for the styles, and sometimes I don’t know very well where I am.
A folder route at the top would be of great help to me.

Thank you.
Best regards

I think what you’re asking for is commonly called a “breadcrumb trail” in web presentation.