A first impression with allo isolator

Are you doing any upsampling ?

no upsampling. And I had to do downsampling yo 96khz To be able to hear 192khz music

Send me an email, I will get you in touch with Jai.

“Send me an email, I will get you in touch with Jai”

please give me your email
my email: ndtson@gmail.com

Hallo @allo – will it make a difference, sonically speaking, if any, with option (1) iPower5V + RPI-3 + Allo Boss vs. option (2) stock PSU + RPI-3 + Allo Boss + Isolator + Battery Pack vs. option (3) iPower5V + RPI-e + Allo Boss + Isolator? … which option theoretically will sound best … or is it not really comparable at all?

option 2 and you do not really need to power the Pi with a PSU as the battery feed to the Isolator can be used as the Isolator can feed the Pi (and the Boss Dac) :slight_smile:

But remember, upgrading/fine tuning of your speakers, amp, cabling could have a bigger impact. YMMV.

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Yes, point is, it doesn’t look very stylish …

The question was on SQ and not style [emoji3]

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Hi Patrick

How do you feed the raspberry pi with the isolator? From the Allo Boss?


Surely the Isolator won’t isolate if it, or the Boss, shares a supply with the RPi?

Hi Allo ,
after buying 2 isolators on allo.com . I 've got the same problem . It does not play 192 Khz or 384 kHz.

Yes, you are right, I am seriously considering selling the iPower5V to buy the isolator thing… or if anyone wanted to trade-in?

I think how you feed the RPI matters less…the important thing is how you feed Isolator + Boss. Batteries are better but depends if your system can reveal those details…

… may be me.
I’m evaluation my next investment: https://volumio.org/forum/recommendation-buy-hifiberry-dac-pro-allo-boss-t7268.html

What are your terms?

Can I ask; how are you feeding the pi and Boss? How many hours do you get from the batteries?

And - those new dac’s you are creating, is your goal that those will be compatible with the Isolator (and can be fed from it)? I want to go the battery route, but would like to feed the Boss from the Isolator, and I’m afraid I’ll get tired of charging too often. So I’m considering making a larger battery bank, with for example 3 large lifepo4 in series ( = 9.6V), but that would only be meaningful if the solution is somewhat future proof :wink:

the rapsberry can feed it however I want, I do with a powerbank of 5v 3 amps. the boss is fed with the isolator.

if the batteries are good and are 1 amp lasts for more than 30 hours. but when it has less load the quality of the sound descends a lot.

I’m with Allo also is my favorite combination, although as dac piano 2.1 is much superior in detail in double mono, but isolator / boss / relay have magic. By the way, with relay attenuator the batteries last about 10 hours.



Thanks very much Jorge, are you saying that as the battery is decharging and the voltage goes down the sound goes bad? Surprised it can last 30 hours, yay :laughing:

Was thinking about buying this, there is also a 6.6V version, I am not sure if the 6.4V will go down below the required 6.2V in the second half. There is also a quice nice charger. Put into a cabinet and with a button, I think it could be nice.


Yes they should be compatible with isolator

Hi Allo,

Same problem here with a HifiBerry Dac+ Pro. When playing a 192kHz/24bit flac file the music is distorted.