A few questions prior buying a MINI86

Hello Hello,

I’m just about to purchase a MINI86 but before that I’d still a few questions to ask. I have already crawled the forum, I found some answers but not all.

I have one iMac at my studio with iTunes and a LARGE collection (over a TB of AIFF). iTunes and its library are on Dropbox. At home I have a (very) old Macbook with dropbox installed, iTunes with the BitPerfect plugin, the computer is plugged to an USB DAC. This installation is really great because thanks to dropbox, whatever I do on my iMac’s iTunes is automatically synced with the one at home. However, the MBP is about to die and I need to find a solution, to buy a new MBP isn’t an option.

  1. Would it be possible to install a dropbox instance on Volumio in order to get the external HD plugged to the MINI86 in sync?
  2. Once the full iTunes library is on the external hard drive and Volumio has finished to scan the gazilions of folders, would I be able to do a research by albums, artist / playlist…etc or would I have to go through all the iTunes folder manually?
  3. When BitPerfect handles the playback, it automatically re-configures my DAC to the format of the music track being played (16/44.1 or 24/96…etc) does Volumio do the same?

Thanks a lot in advance!


  1. No, but its a great idea for a future plugin!
  2. Sure, you can search and add albums, tracks, artists ecc
  3. Yes