A few questions in light of the price increase of Raspberry Pis


I’m a big volumio fan currently running ver 2 on an RPI3b+ for my headphone dac+amp on my workstation desk and an RPI4 on my “real” stereo. I have a bedroom system with both Theil and F3LYD speakers that I alternate between, but I don’t have a great source. I’ve used volumio x86 in the past on a zotac mini pc that was re-appropriated to be the PC in my VMC mill control box. I’m basically looking for a cheap option to added to my bedroom system which has an xmos usb dac / preamp.

I was curious if anyone has had success with Atomic Pis. I know these aren’t loved by many, but they are cheap and x86 and seem to have the performance necessary. My goal would be to be able to run version 3.xxx on all of my machines which I know the RPIs I have will do. I have and RPI 2, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t powerful enough, is that correct?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I figure my fallback solution will be to run the x86 version of RPI on a cheap used netbook which I have done before.e


Atomic Pi is based on the processor Intel Atom x5-Z8350

the very same processor is used in the Wyse 3040 ThinClient proposed here

As you can read, it’s a nice option to run Volumio x86, besides the loading time a bit longer than usual.

To conclude: you can go for it!