A complete newbie with a forum question for the moderators

Hello there,

I am completely new to the forum here.
I have a Raspberry PI with Volumio and I have been trying to get Spotify to work here.

Yesterday, I created an account in the forum and asked a question, which I followed up today with, what I thought was helpful info.

And now, that I log in with that forum account from yesterday, I’m told that I have been permanently banned from the forum.

I’m writing this in hope to get some info on, what have caused the ban.

I’m a little afraid to provide any details, that could result in this account being banned as well.
But if a moderator is willing to help me, please let me know in a reply, and I would be happy to let you know what you need know to investigate.

I can provide my banned user name, the thread that I commented on, or what I wrote in the post, that was never published.

In no way do I wish to make noise or trouble, I only want to know what happened, so that I can avoid that again.

Best regards,
Martin Jeppesen

please can you give details : name, thread
I’ll have a look :wink:

Thank you, balbuze :slight_smile:

The forum account name was mashdk.
And I have two replies at the end of this thread:.


The third reply was deleted, and I was banned.

The third reply was what I consider quite useful info to skikirkwood about his AWS service.

well, I unbanned you.
As messages are deleted, I can’t check why you had been banned.
Anyway, good to read : https://forum.volumio.org/topic3.html :wink:

Thank you so much. Balbuze!

I will take the chance here and tell you, what I wrote, because I really think it was only helpful and uncontroversial.

I discovered, that the IP, that you need to access to get a Spotify refresh token and solve the issue with the Spotify plug in, is banned by some ISPs, because - for unknown reasons to me - some IP Reputation providers like Symantec considers the IP as one with a bad reputation.

So I provided to URLs, where he could ask for the IP to get back in good standing.

Shouldn’t that be okay?

Thank you again for your help!

Best regards
Martin Jeppesen