768kHz/32Bit AK4490EQ DAC and XMOS at 768kHz

Hello all audiophiles :slight_smile:

diyinhk.com/shop/audio-kits/ … d_oled_pcb

I was looking at this product from diyinhk.com and it got my attention that their XMOS firmware got updated to support 768kHz. The kit includes the XMOS controller, the AK4490EQ PCB and a OLED display. According to their specs, it supports up to 32bit/768khz and up to DSD 11.2MHz. For $119.

Anyone already bought this and has feedback? Im very interested to test this on the Odroid C2 with Volumio 2.

I’m considering exactly the same, but no experience with it yet.
There are some positive modifications possible for this DAC, for example separating the analogue and digital power supplies. See:
hifiduino.wordpress.com/2014/12 … -4490-dac/

My goal is to build an all-in-one system with Odroid C2, dual AK4990EQ DAC and Hypex Ncore power amps. All in a Hifi2000 / mudushop housing and a VU7+ display built in in the front panel. Volume control should be bitperfect.

Hi Videopak,
I want do do something very similar. I am running a ODROID C2 with the lastest Volumio2 at the moment. I’m using an old XMOS - DAC system from diyinhk at the moment. This is not bitperfect. My new bitperfect solution is also from diyinhk. The new DAC has a ESS chip. I’m streaming TIDAL via bubbleupnp (HIFI mode / flac format) to the ODROID2. But I have problems with pops from time to time. I didn’t yet find the reason. But it seems that it comes from the upnp interface, which is still very buggy in volumio2.

There is a newer (test) version which could solve your clicks and pops, try it when interested: