50€ Pre-installed Volumio 3 based on a Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client

This is a limited offer for a few of 10 piece batches of pre-owned, non-wifi Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Clients. As new, manufacturing date 2018.

The thin clients are in fact Intel Atom mini pc’s, powerful enough to run Volumio 3 without any issues.
The units will be delivered with Volumio 3 pre-installed, incl. the original Dell 5V power suppy.

4 x USB, 2 x DisplayPort, 1x ETH, 1x 3.5" audio out (headphone).
Onboard Audio, which quality is more than reasonable.
For audiophile output with HiRes, attach a USB DAC.
Recommended WiFi dongle: TP-Link Archer T3U.

Unit price for community members: 45€*, cheaper and more responsive than a PI.
*) as the new supplier charges 5€ more, the new price is 50€

Shipping 9€ (> 5 units/parcel 14€), within the EU, 5€ for Germany, 7 CHF for CH.
Other European countries (like UK, CH, Norway, Finland etc.) would need checking shipping parcel price, most are also 9€.
Tracking options cost 5€ extra.
Ask in this thread if you’re living somewhere else.

Please send me a PM for further information in case you are interested.

DellWyse 3040 Notes.pdf.zip (83.0 KB)

Tinkering tips
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see PM

The units are on their way, there are still a number available.
(Without headphone and wireless dongle :wink: )



5 from 10 left

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Is the method of converting such device proprietary or secret or can it be shared? I googled and this is the only mention of putting volumio on it. I do have such device that I’d like to repurpose and it would be nice if it can be done.


No, it is not a secret.
Flash version 3.179 to a USB stick, make USB first in boot order, boot from the stick, use “InstallToDisk” from the system menu to install to internal eMMC and you’re done.

2 from 10 left.

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Received both little thingies today. They were well packed.
Booting takes a bit long and the audio quality through the jack is acceptable, but that’s about all the complaining I can do.
Navigating through the libraries goes much smoother than via my rPI4-8GB. No lagging or waiting for loading. Connected my Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digtal and it rocks.

For sure a recommendation!!!


Hi @gkkpch I also want one pls or two.

PM bitte

Yes, I think it shows there is a “market” for such low-end X86 devices.
Pity I can’t get hold of more of them for that price.
The Wyse 3040 is not the fastest to boot because we of a standard x86_amd64 kernel plus its eMMC is not super fast.
But once the device is up and running, it is very responsive.

Hi @gkkpch hast Du noch von den wyse einen übrig? Ich würde gerne einen nehmen, finde aber leider nicht den PM button, wenn ich auf dein Profil gehe… kannst Du mich bitte kurz anschreiben?

Click on his name and select “message”

Just wonder if this function is not active yet…

Yeah, new kid on the block :slight_smile:
Ge will respond on your request.

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Any of these left - I would take one at that price?

The Wyse 3040 units are currently sold out, but I can get another batch of 10.
As this seller asks 5 € more, the new price is 50€!
Notes included, latest Volumio 3 pre-installed.

2 of this batch are already reserved, leaves 8!

New batch arriving Friday.
6 left.

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