4st problem to slove.

Setup : Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and M-AUDIO M-TRACK HUB(USB DAC) and Volumio(free version).

I sat last night and tested Volumio. Im quite satisfied, but I have 3 problems.

  1. Between songs there will be a glinch / pop / high peak sound.
    Suspects that my DAC switches off between songs. Can this be fixed in any way. A walk around solution?

  2. A little too low line-out from RPI to my amplifier.
    Temporarily uses the headphone output (might be better if I use the balancing output) but can I raise the line-out from PRI?

  3. If you run Spotify 1h, for example, it seems OK, but if I switch to my NAS (FLAC) it has time-out. Then I have to reboot RPI so I can choose NAS
    and play songs. But then it becomes the same problem with Spotify.

  4. Is the free version limited by the number of songs in my Spotify playlists?

Will it be better if I buy the paid version?

Br Micke.

1 Prob solved : suck
We’re not using the troublesome USB bus of the Raspberry PI, consider pop and clicks a thing from the past


I do not get pops and clicks from the USB (or anything) else rpi 3 model B, nor on rpi 4