3TB Powered USB HDD Library/Tracks Disappears When Pressing Back or Forward

I just noticed . . .

Volumio on a Sony Laptop

Upon booting up Volumio would load my HDD (Specs on title) and then if I press on either previous or next button (happens most of the time when next song has just played for a second, or multiple press on next or back button) my library (all FLAC files) would disappear and if I go to sources the window would not display the tracks and on the folder would just be blank and of course the song will stop playing.

But, if I go to “Install To Disk” it would display my 3TB (2.7TB according to Volumio)

I’m confused. It detects my HDD but it won’t load my tracks, even after pressing Update button or re-scan. What’s happening?

Volumio Version: 3.378 Hardware: Sony VAIO FZ31B (Very old system)

I really hope there is a fix. As mentioned on my other post, I like Volumio very much!

Uninstalled all plugins: I only have 3 plugins installed

Installed YouTube Music - Tested and forward and back button works and library stays
Installed Music Services Shield - Tested and forward and back button works and library stays
Looks like the culprit is the Fusion DSP

I think mpd is hanging and then no more library is displayed.
We are tracking a bug when FusionDsp is enabled.
But it is hard to reproduce.
Can you share log when it occurs please?
@mervinio @volumio

Here you go . . hopefully this helps :slight_smile: :smiley:
Volumio Log.txt (79.0 KB)

BTW. . . My Volumio feels really snappy w/out the FusionDSP. It is flying!