30 sec delay before music starts from USB source

Does anyone have the issue of a long delay before music starts playing when listening from a USB source - ssd in my case. I’m using a Pi4 and Cambridge Audio DAC. It’s not there with Tidal, this works instantly. Once it does start no problem until the next track which plays for about 2 seconds, stops for about 30, then plays fine. Also it doesn’t always do this, sometimes tracks start immediately with no delay, but most of the time you have to wait. Given Tidal works great I’m wondering if it’s it’s a Pi/ssd issue/incompatibility. Any help grateful :pray:

Something must be wrong. My Pi4 is reading from a NAS over wifi and play starts in less than a second.

Thanks. I’m connected via ethernet rather than wifi as i figured would be more stable. Can’t help thinking it’s a hardware issue rather than volumio but this seemed a good place to start.

Update: problem solved - nothing to do with Volumio as suspected, was a hardware issue. Changed the connection cable between the ssd and pi - problem solved. :grinning: