[3.435] Album ART & track info displays one track in front of whats playing


Volumio Information

Volumio Version:3.435
Hardware: RPI4
DAC: Topping D10

Debug Log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Reboot, then load up a play list where the first track is longer in time than the second.
  2. Track will play, then ~6 seconds before the end of the track the album art will change to the next track.
  3. Then when the track actually changes it will display the album art of the third track. When the third track plays it then displays the album art and info of the 4th track...so on and so on...but Eventually it may sort itself out.

Additional Information

This device is behihind a firewall and is not connected to the internet., hence the paste site.
Web Album Art is OFF.

I initially came accross this bug 18 months ago Album ART displays one track ahead of whats playing and could not put my finger on exactly how to reproduce the bug.

I’m almost ( ha ha ) certain it is to do with track length in position 1. Start with a playlist where the first track is shorter than the second and this does not happen.
This will only happen on a cold boot or reboot. Press pause and go back to the first track it wont happen again.